Help for eCommerce company product shots

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Help for eCommerce company product shots

Postby NN635406294905049100UL » Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:59 pm


We are an eCommerce company that sells circuit boards online. We are currently using Capture One software to take pictures of our boards. We process hundreds of boards each day, so being efficient while still producing a vivid, accurate, and clear picture is very important.

Our current set up involves the camera positioned directly above the item, with two photography lights positioned facing downwards on either side of the camera.

We are having trouble producing consistent pictures that do not require individual attention. Some boards can be very small, while others can be large and/or long. This seems to throw the lighting off. I am looking for the following:

- A method of setting the background picture to a shot of the blank white paper we have beneath the boards, so that this can be removed in each shot and the background set to absolute white.
- A method of eliminating glare from the boards while also creating a bright and vivid picture that shows all part #s.
-Automatically adjusting the size of each picture to be just under 4Mb after processing.
-Creating a bright, saturated picture without causing the board to look whitewashed.

I have attached a picture of one of our competitors photographs that sells the exact same parts as we do, as well as one of our not so great pictures. Their picture is exactly the quality of picture we are striving to replicate and to replicate it consistently and quickly. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this all and can offer me any assistance. I greatly appreciate any help.
Their image is on top, ours on bottom (couldn't remove our duplicate image).

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Re: Help for eCommerce company product shots

Postby Paul_Steunebrink » Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:51 am

Your competitor uses a different camera/lens combination, different lighting, and (last but not least) knows how to make the background to white.

Competitor: DSLR with 2x tele macro lens
You: iPhone or less (I love the iPhone, but not for this purpose)

Competitor: lightbox, perhaps a polarisation filter
You: to direct spots, no filter

Background white
Competitor: set white point in software (in CO7 you can use the Levels tools for that) and/or does use an opal beneath the logic board with a light below it (there are these tabletop tables for that purpose, with a lightbox around it too.
You: none of the above

Summary: it is not all software, it is about knowing how to make an image, something people call 'photography'. No pun intended. You can do it. I am sure you can. Dig around a little on the inter webs (a.k.a. google around) and you'll beat them!
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