Crashes, bugs, stalls and other mysteries

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Crashes, bugs, stalls and other mysteries

Postby NNN634255317662300975 » Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:26 pm

I'm having a hell of a time with LC 11.3.6 and a Phaseone DF with the latest firmware.
I'm shooting tethered with a powered fire wire repeater to a Macbook Pro 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 with 8 Gigs.

I had about 5 times when the camera froze up and tells me it can't find the DB. Sometimes I can shut down the camera, disconnect and reconnect the camera and it will start back up. Other times I have to shut everything down and reboot the whole system.
I had another 3 times where the software crashed. Like totally gone, crash...not a frozen crash.
Another 3 times where the shutter of the 110mm LS froze shut. I have to shut the camera down, remove the lens, reattach the lens and start the camera back up to get it to open again.
The Leaf DB folder in the individual shots folder appear and disappear. Currently about 3/4 of the shots folders have mos. and Leaf DB folders with Jpegs, the others just have the mos. files.
On several occasions the the RGB color information symbol on the bottom of the window disappear.
When reviewing files in the individual shots folders, single shots of models in completely different folder will appear – sometimes only in the individual view window, but not in the overview window, sometimes in both. But the lost file will also disappear sometimes.

That's a lot of butterflies to deal with on a high volume fashion shoot and I still have two days to go...any suggestions on how I can get things stable?

Thanks, Kipling
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Re: Crashes, bugs, stalls and other mysteries

Postby SFPaul » Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:41 am

Wow! I don't have anything to help you but that's a lot to be dealing with on a shoot. I have a 75S on the Mamiya and it will occasionally go wonky if I shoot quickly and for long periods of time. But nothing like you so I feel for you.
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Re: Crashes, bugs, stalls and other mysteries

Postby Drew » Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:19 pm

Sounds like a rough time... but there are too many unanswered questions to begin speculating what the issue is...
-Do you have a separate Powered Hub to test?
-Is the Camera Firmware up to date?
-When does the software crash? There is likely a corresponding action that can be connected.
-Has the computer recently been checked for proper functionality? (the missing RGB info suggests some issues).
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Re: Crashes, bugs, stalls and other mysteries

Postby NNN634255317662300975 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:04 pm

I was using a seperate Power Hub on the day I had the most problems.

I removed the Power Hub from the chain and things were a little better. Still some crashes and freezes, but not as many.

I wish I could tell if the camera firmware is up to date, but I have no idea how to see the version and I didn't have any time to find out. I'm taking the camera to my dealer today, so I guess they'll check that out, although they promised me it was the latest firmware when I purchased the camera three weeks ago.

The software crashes pretty much any time during shooting, from the start of a sesseion, the middle of a session to the end of a sesseion. From the first shot of a series or the last shot of a series.
Absolutely no other program is running on the machine and all FW connections are taped unmovable.

The computer was seriously checked out by apple right after I bought it 6 month ago.
I used migration assistant (my mistake) and it loaded some old OS software and that led to conflicts.
They found the problem and we did a clean delete and I installed everything new.
No problems after that what so ever. Until now.

All the software up to date.

We only had the Leaf Firewire cable connected to the camera. No other cables or ports were used.

Yesterday we had some more wierd crashes.
At one point we got a "panic report". The whole system just quit. I made a screen shot and saved the panic report doc. so I will be submitting them in my support case.

It's a bit too much really. So many problems from so many different directions. We also had some Profoto heads that started to misfire and to be least no one was hurt and in the end we had a great shoot besides all the problems.

The files are spectacular by the way.


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