Export Image Index ??

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Export Image Index ??

Postby nico111 » Thu May 05, 2005 8:32 pm

This feature is a great thing that I have just found.
It is Going to increase my workflow alot barring 1 issue.

The only question is how do I make my images in the html document have the same file name as the original captures. (it has the file name under the image, but in the foldr it creates it changes the file name)

after I select my images and click export image Index it seems to create a default name for my files starting with 00000000.jpg

after I e-mail my caps. If my client were to copy those images into another folder the file names would be changed.

How do I get around this ?
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Postby Keith Carpenter » Fri May 06, 2005 12:15 am

Hi nico,
I will try to explain what I know about this Mac only feature.
The JPEG images created are about 50K in size and are Reference images for the Image Index document.

Some Users create this document and then print a copy to distribute to a Client. When you email it, the folder of images must accompany the HTML document, otherwise they will not be displayed.
As you've noted, the Reference images are renumbered, but the original filename is displayed under each image in the document.

I'm not sure if you provide the Image Index for your Clients to order from or if it is to help them index images they've purchased from you.
If they order from the Index, they would simply give you the filename under the image, and you would go back into Capture One to Process the desired output.
If however you provide them with the Image Index and larger JPEG images, you will have to use the Process Tool to create JPEGs using the QuickProofs. Set the quality of the image output desired and process. In the Preferences settings, > Processing > Name, be sure that Use capture name as default name is checked. Now the images processed will have the exact same name as is displayed on the Image Index HTML document.

Hope this helps.

k c
Keith Carpenter

image index

Postby nico111 » Fri May 06, 2005 7:43 pm

Thanks For the prompt reply,

We have been making j pegs and delivering them to our clients, what mostly happens is our clients then make a pic or 2 from the j pegs we send. What seems to be happening more often are multiple images are chosen (and our clients are far away)they have no need for a larger j peg. I am trying to make another system to increase our workflow by creating these html documents so our clients can drag and drop there pics into a reply e-mail (this would give a vusaul and file name)

with the html doc. I can but about 200 images for them to choose from and still be under 5 meg for e-mail purpose.

The advantages are 1. small flile size
2. easy to e-mail
3. nice presentation with no extra work
Problem : and the only problem that could cause me a problem is the change in file name.

Can a small line of code be written to assign that developed file the file name that it has ?

This would insure my file names would not be lost and increase our work flow and presentation to our clients.


Chris Malacarne
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Postby Keith Carpenter » Wed May 11, 2005 9:38 pm


Developers inform me that, the Image Index was not meant to be used in this manner
It is a means to quickly display images from a photo session to a customer rather than to deliver images to customer.

That said, :idea: it seemed to me in theory you should be able to accomplish what you are after. In fact, I just ran a test and was able to do it using the Batch Rename tool.

At File > Rename brings up window.
Using the Batch Rename tool I was able to leave Batch Name blank, and rename captures to just numbers and create an Image Index. You can select the number of digits and the starting point. The JPEGs made for the HTML doc use 8 starting at 00000000.jpg, so this is what I selected and it worked.
Please try this on your own and let me know how this goes for you.


Keith Carpenter

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