Public Guidelines and Rules.

Discussions regarding Phase One XF and XT
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Public Guidelines and Rules.

Postby Ulf » Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:28 am

Public Guidelines and Rules.


Sales related issues:
This does not belong in this forum, use following link for sales related questions.

For Capture One related, contact support.

For Phase One camera related, contact the partner from whom you have purchased.
Contact information here:


Phase One Premium support which is available here:

This is available for owners of

* Phase One camera equipment
* Mamiya-Leaf camera equipment
* Holders of a valid Phase One Certified Professional (POCP)

The premium support helps out with both hardware and software (Capture One).

Capture One support which is available here:

This is available for anyone using Capture One but do fill the criteria for premium support listed above.


To keep the discussion at Phase One forum in a courteous and professional level, please follow these rules.
Failure to comply with these rules may result in deletion of post, temporary or permanent ban from website.

1 Discussion of unannounced products is not permitted. The “Announcements …” area is the place where announcements will be made.
2 Discussion of rumors and speculation is not permitted.
3 Posts that are inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, *censored word* oriented, threatening, rude, mean, nasty, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violate of any law are not permitted.
4 Don't use profanity in your postings. Don't attempt to slip around this rule by using @, £, $, * or other characters in a word to mask its profanity.
5 Advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, SPAM, virus warnings and solicitations are not permitted. Currently Phase One only provides forum discussion relating to Phase One software and hardware or equipment used with Phase One software or hardware.
6 Do not use the to promote other web sites, mailing list, News server, usernet etc. You are allowed to refer to as long as you do not have personal stake in it. There is one exception: Phase One authorized dealers are allowed to refer to there own website.
7 Posting of material to which you do not have the copyright to not permit. This includes the posting of articles and/or images.
8 Make sure that your post fits the topic description of the forum.
9 Do not post or participate in a thread criticizing the equipment choice of other forum members This in not considered nice and may result in ban and/or post deletion.
10 Do not post a message merely to blow off steam or otherwise get something off your chest. This is a support, user to user help and resource area, if you have something to take up with a dealer then take it up with a dealer, if you have something to take up with Phase One then please take it up with Phase One.
11 Do not use all CAPS in a posting, This is considered as shouting within the Internet community, everyone listen to someone that speaks, no one listens to someone that shouts.
12 Please keep signatures in the body of your posting to no more than two short lines, to ensure that the thread's content remains eminently readable. Do not include signatures that serve primarily to promote a product or service, do not include photos and do not include extended lists of the contents of your camera bag.
13 Do not post questions or comments relating to the appropriateness of another member's post. Phase One A/S is moderating this forum and this is up to Phase One A/S to judge this, Moderators while handle this not users.
14. Announcement of buying and selling equipment is not allowed, there is great sites for that such as eBay.
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