Locate and re-link 7500 moved files?

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Locate and re-link 7500 moved files?

Postby rollbahn » Sat Nov 23, 2019 1:48 am

I had about 7500 scans in a large folder on my mac that was a watch folder for my scanner after being automatically copied over from my Windows VM. That way I could scan and have an almost instant preview of the file in Capture One.

However as it has grown larger I thought I should clean things up so I wrote a script to put the files into order by film roll using the roll prefix number in the file name. So those 7500 files got quickly put into folders containing about 36 files each.

So all that worked well but of course now Capture One doesn't see them and I can't see a way to be able to point CO to the new files apart from doing it 7500 times one file at a time. It is frustrating CO doesn't at least ask me if the other files in that roll folder should be re-linked too as Lightroom smartly does.

So I am now stuck as if I create the folders in CO directly I then have to create a "roll folder" one by one and manually drag over the files with that roll number and that way CO would know where the files are or I do it as have already - either way it is a real pain.

Does anyone have any ideas as to an easier way of doing it?
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Re: Locate and re-link 7500 moved files?

Postby OddS » Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:26 am

rollbahn wrote:...Does anyone have any ideas as to an easier way of doing it?

There are quite a few forum posts on the topic, you may be able to search and find one that fits your situation. You may also come across informative articles and webinars if you search the internet, here is a link to one article

Edit: Sorry, that did not turn out to become an active link, you need to copy paste it to the address field in your browser.
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Re: Locate and re-link 7500 moved files?

Postby rollbahn » Tue Nov 26, 2019 11:08 am

Thanks but I have been through all those help pages and forum posts and they are unfortunately not the same as my issue.

I have flat bunch of files and put them in folders outside of CO for the reasons stated in my original post. I have searched and searched here but cannot find anything that matches my predicament. It seems crazy that I have to relocate 7500 files by hand.
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Re: Locate and re-link 7500 moved files?

Postby SFA » Tue Nov 26, 2019 12:13 pm

So if I understand correctly you have both moved and renamed the files outside of C1?

You also split into separate folders.

Have you previously edited the files in C1 or just viewed them? I.e. Have you got time and effort invested in editing that makes it worth trying to re-match the files with the edits rather than simply re-doing the work - perhaps using some sort of initial edits on one or two images and then copying the results to others as a starting point?

With both a relocation, a split into folders and a rename of the files, assuming I have understood correctly, C1's catalogue data information and the current files disposition don't sound like they have much that would allow them to be obviously matched.

What is the potential of re-running the process from a position in which C1 would recognise the files and then renaming (within C1) and then relocating with he folder additions again within C1 and presumably using Applescript?

To do something like that might be quicker than locating 7500 files and rematching names individually.

The alternative would be to simply import the (now "new") files at their current locations. If you have not edited anything much, just looked at them, then that would seem to be a viable option with very little effort. If you have edited previously then you may not be so enthusiastic about the idea.

In this I have assumed that your are using a Catalogue.

If not and you are using a session there may be a different route to a solution.

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