how to P45+ Posterizing ?

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how to P45+ Posterizing ?

Postby NN636833085353292841UL » Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:18 am

Anyone know what the below posterizing is coming from? At first I was quick to blame my Epson R2400 printer. I've reinstalled all the Epson drivers and reconfigured but no resolution. But then I printed an image that was shot 4x5 and FlexTight scanned and the problem goes away. So I tried a couple different P45+ files and it's happening to all of them. I'm getting a really slight posterizing effect. The top image is a scan of a print. The bottom image is clipped from my digital file. You can see the print has a step/band near the edges of the rocks. Also the wet rocks in the foreground are posterized. I thought maybe I did too much color work so I tried printing a file without any color work done to it but the same result. Is it possible that the P45+ or CaptureOne Pro is embedding something in the file that's freaking my printer out? Anyone else experience this with the P45+?
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Re: how to P45+ Posterizing ?

Postby DouglasHarwinCamera » Tue Mar 19, 2019 3:04 pm


A couple of questions, OS version, Capture One (C1) version, Printer driver and Firmware up to date, FlexTight: .fff or .TIFF?
Printing from C1 or Adobe: Photoshop, Lightroom? Have you tried printing from another application?

In C1 v11 and v12, there is a Proofing tool (icon looks like glasses)
"Proofing recipes
Capture One can also soft-proof the selected recipe, thereby revealing any scaling, compression, or sharpening artifacts on-screen prior to output. By adjusting the settings with the proof mode enabled, you can see the real-time effect on-screen of individual selections, such as the effect of down-sampling when resizing images for the Web.

Select the image variant in the browser that want you to proof the settings for.
Highlight the recipe (or create a new recipe) from the list in the Process Recipes dialog, located under the Output Tool tab.
Go the Process Recipe tool, and under the various tabs select the processing settings, including the image size, profile, and output sharpening, where applicable.
Click on the Show Recipe Proofing (glasses) icon in the main tool bar, or from the main menu, select View>Show Recipe Proofing.
All the recipe settings applied to the image variant will be visible on screen for evaluation."
Sorce: ... ipes#item5

Also check to make sure ICC/Color profile for the paper/printer. If managed by printer you may need to change the "quality/DPI".

One other thing:
disable OpenCL and try deleting the image core cache to rebuild the kernels needed for OpenCL as well. You can see the guide on how to do so here: ... cleid=1721

Hope this helps,
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