Phase one 20 activation / Pre Order

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Phase one 20 activation / Pre Order

Postby NNN636162082545092327 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:08 am

I am using capture one 12 and bought the pre-order upgrade but the submitted Licence key is not working
This key is also not activated in my overview. A Manual activation was also not possible. Sorry but is more than frustrating
Ist there any possibility to find an overview of the Status of my tickets? I regret to leave the photoshop Suite....

regards Christian
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Re: Phase one 20 activation / Pre Order

Postby SFA » Sat Jan 11, 2020 12:04 pm

Have you followed the procedure that takes you through the process of Purchasing the V20 upgrade using the VOUCHER CODE that was provided to people pre-purchasing the upgrade?

See this note in the Capture One web site FAQ section.

and then this document which is linked from the page referenced above.

There has been some confusion about the process in past weeks. I think this latest document makes for the clearest understanding of how the voucher process was suppose to work.

If you have followed that process and it still failed then I think we can only begin to help if you can tell us exactly what you did, step by step. If you got to the point of having a new activation key for the correct version of the product but for some reason that is not accepted when you try to activate then it is likely that only Fastspring or Capture One Support can help you.

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