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Re: Noise Reduction

Postby SFA » Wed Jan 08, 2020 2:34 pm

As far as I can tell the first post release update is almost exclusively to resolve Mac issues related to late changes in the Apple Catalina release. Have you upgraded C1 to that release?

I'm still using Win 7 and with very little work going into 7 for a long time now my system has been very stable.

I am not looking forward to the Win 10 experience that it seems I will be forced to adopt at some point.

If your PC installation is now working you may want to take the Mac problems over to the Mac threads to see what additional advice is offered. I don't think all the regular posters on the forums read both the Mac and the PC sections.

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Re: Noise Reduction

Postby NNN636980637400917811 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 9:45 pm

Thanks Grant, yes, I have two issues and posted this one in the wrong place though I am still having the Noise Reduction/Luminance Noise issue. I have tickets open with C 1 but response is slow and although they contend it is because of the Holidays, I have to believe they inundated with bug fixes. Time will tell.
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Re: Noise Reduction

Postby Keith Reeder » Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:56 pm

NNN636980637400917811 wrote: although they contend it is because of the Holidays, I have to believe they inundated with bug fixes. Time will tell.

Most likely licencing issues - the v12 - v20 upgrade process has been a bit of a car-crash for a lot of people.
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Re: Noise Reduction

Postby BeO » Wed Jan 22, 2020 2:54 pm

Paul_Steunebrink wrote:
NNN636980637400917811 wrote:Thank you Paul. So now I am a bit confused as I don't remember this behavior in V12. If my image is displayed with no magnification, i.e. 'Fit' and I apply Luminance, say 100, I have to zoom in 50% or more to see what was applied but I will not be able to get a good view, perception of what the photo will look like in it's entirety?

Yes. But is it really a problem? You can open the Focus windows, floating if you like, on top of your Viewer. Another alternative is to use Recipe Proofing from the View menu.

You could ask yourself whether you are able to review noise reduction with lower magnification, assuming Capture One would allow you that? I can't.

It is by design to save processing power during normal editing. For detail editing with the pixel tools like noise reduction and sharpening, magnification is necessary anyway.

Please note that today, sharpening is applied at low magnification levels, set to Fit. But Recipe Proofing is a better alternative, I think.

You can clearly see sharpening effects at low magnification levels, C1 should keep this. Is there a list of which tool effects can be seen at which levels? I did not know noise settings are not shown below 50%, that might explain one or the other
oddity which I have seen in the past.
With proofing enabled I can be sure all tools are applied, regardless of output size?

Sharpening and noise reducion go hand in hand, very often, they influence each other, and I often use them both, even locally. So l find it a bit strange that one effect is shown at lower magnification levels whilst the other is not. Btw I never understood why sharpening should be assessed at 100%, because if you print the image, it won't be printed to a size equivalent to 100% view on my monitor at least. Let me explain, I often use 33% view for my sharpening and that is because my 24inch Eizo monitor has 94 dpi, and my max print resolution is around 300 dpi, normally, so 33% on monitor is rouhgly the equvalent size of the maximum print I would do. If I know exactly what size to print on I go for soft proofing of course, but again, 33% is a useful magnification level, for me, for this aspects of the developing.
But yeah, it is not really a big deal, and a speedy C1 is always welcome.
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