Where / How do you report bugs

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Re: Where / How do you report bugs

Postby IanL » Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:50 pm

SFA wrote:The thing is the new system appears to be an implementation of zendesk which in recent times has become a very popular choice for support systems.

One might therefore hope that things will settle down and mature nicely after a somewhat fraught birthing experience.

Yes, lets hope. Zendesk can do the things we want and it does have some nice stuff. Such as when you enter your problem a list of possible matches from their documetation and knowledge base comes on screen - if your problem has already been solved you might just get your answer as you are entering the information. And then again when you press submit it provides links to more content that may be a match and offers to continue submitting the ticket or say you found the answer in their documentation. These features alone should help with common questions once the knowledge base is filled in.
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Re: Where / How do you report bugs

Postby photoGrant » Fri Jan 17, 2020 1:43 am

Every day people complain about this and every day there are apologists trying to use any excuse to justify it. Time of day, Christmas holidays, A new release, Apple's fault... It's the way Dane's are... Bla bla bla.

For years. This isn't about waiting for tomorrow for progress. It's about seeing the same pattern every single time and changing something.

Every step thus far (and I only count since v9 as that's when I started using Capture One every single day for the past god knows how many years) has been detrimental to the reputation and stability of the product.

There is zero excuse for the way this is handled currently. It must be challenged and it must change.

But good luck.
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