importing from lightroom

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importing from lightroom

Postby NNN637041284331622069 » Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:39 am

sorry for probably a dumb question I am new to capture one I have tried to import my images from lightroom over 50K but simply selecting the master lightroom catalogue, but after 15 hours it finishes having only importing 35K.
I have now selected all the images into one collection in lightroom and am exporting that as a catalogue, after 8 hours it is only half ways through and over 200GB looking at the collection to catalogue exports it has automatically selected to create image neg files and available previews.
As i do not want to change the image locations on my drives can I simply uncheck these boxes and create the catalogue.
Is this likely to bring across the info for all 55K of images or will I lose 20,000 as in the previous attempt.
does anyomre know why the first attempt dropped nearly a third of the images.

Thanks in advance for the feedback
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Re: importing from lightroom

Postby IanL » Mon Oct 28, 2019 6:17 pm

C1 will not import virtual copies and does not handle all DNG formats that LR can. This means the count of images reported by LR may not match C1 even if everything goes well.

Here is a thread where I explained my process for importing my LR catalog:

My LR catalog and my C1 catalogue both reference the RAW files so in the above when I say I exported a catalog from LR (in my case to remove files that would not import anyway) no RAW files were copied only a catalog was created that referenced the old ones.
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