Save in same location

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Save in same location

Postby NNN636685304683725604 » Sat Oct 19, 2019 2:03 am

I am trying to set up a process recipe to always save in the same location as the original file. But every time I try to save I get the message "capture one can't process internal catalog images using image folder as the root output folder". I searched online and found that this means Capture One can't save in the same location if photos have been imported into a catalog. How do I get them out of the catalog so I can save in same location? Or, is there a better way to import images so that they don't go into a catalog?
I have thousands of photos so catalog is very helpful. But I have my originals in dated folders and am constantly needing to change the output folder location by hand. It would be so great if I could just click "Save in same location" as you can do in Lightroom.
I hope I have expressed this clearly ... Not always sure of correct terminology.
I am using the Pro version 12.1.0
Thank you, hope someone can help.
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Re: Save in same location

Postby Ian3 » Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:53 am

When you import images into a catalog, you have a choice in the import dialog as to where they will be stored, in the Destination drop down menu. The choices are

- current location (the folder where you are importing from) (1)

- Inside catalog (2)

- choose folder... (3)

Inside catalog stores the image files actually inside the catalog file - one disadvantage of that is the huge size that the catalog file will quickly grow to.

The other two store the images themselves outside the catalog file (referenced images) but the catalog will still index them in its database, and generate previews and record adjustments inside the catalog.

If I don't want my images "in catalog", I would use (1) for importing images already stored in my computer fie system, and I would use (3) for importing images from a camera memory card.

If you have images inside the catalog, and would like to move them to be stored outside the catalog (referenced) it is easy to do.

(A) create the folder(s) where you want them to go, and add the folder(s) to the catalog.

(B) go to the In Catalog section of the Library tool and just drag and drop the images down to the folders in the Library tool that you want them to move to. Capture One will move them and keep track of their location so that it can still connect them the information it holds about your edits.

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Re: Save in same location

Postby NNN636685304683725604 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:05 pm

Thank you Ian3! I used method 1 and it is working just fine. I am happy that now I can have the relevant file appear in both my Windows Explorer and my Capture One user collections in the named dated folders I have created, and I am now able to export the relevant jpg from C1 into the folder of the same name in Explorer automatically. So I have my original and amended files together. Just what I needed, thanks for the clear explanation.
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