Integrating a session into my catalogue.

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Integrating a session into my catalogue.

Postby NNN637067284589852171 » Tue Oct 15, 2019 8:31 am

Hello everyone,,
Whilst traveling I carried an external SSD containing a session for the trip. Whilst on the trip I use my MS Surface Pro 3 with a copy of C1P 12 to view, edit and process pictures so I get home with RAW files (some edited) in the Capture folder and some JPEGS in the output folder. I have imported the session into my main catalogue on my return and they appear in C1P on my main system as a User Collection 'Venice March 2019'.hazard perception test All is OK in that respect. Now I want to move the RAW files (including edits) from the external SDD I took with me to my main storage under E:/2019/RAW and the Output JPEGS to E:/2019/Develops. I try within C1P dragging and dropping images from one to the other but I get an error 'Failed to move image. Unknown error'. Not very informative. It's the same error whether I try moving RAW files or processed JPEGs. What could be the problem????
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Re: Integrating a session into my catalogue.

Postby IanL » Wed Oct 23, 2019 7:28 pm

That sounds familiar - and like a bug:

When I do this type of thing I move the session from my notebook HD to my regular image HD using the OS and then import the session into my catalogue from there - effectively moving the images before the C1 catalogue knows about them.

If you can go back to a before you imported the session catalogue and manually copy the files off the Surface's SSD and then import the session from your usual location that might get you around the problem. You have to copy the whole session thought.
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