All my edits are gone. Thousands of pictures gone unedited.

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Re: All my edits are gone. Thousands of pictures gone unedit

Postby SFA » Sun Oct 13, 2019 1:23 am

NNN636818585512125982 wrote:Seems to me that all of this would have been easily fixed if C1 had a simple one click batch search function that could search all folders globally and locate and re-associate any missing files. As long as you did not change the original filename, this would automatically re-associate ALL missing files in the catalog and restore edits without further user intervention. I do all my re-organizing within C1 but I fear the day when something goes wrong and like the OP, I don't notice it until much later. A single misplaced file is one thing, but thousands is quite another.


That assumes your normal working methods always guaranteed unique names for the files in use. Also that the files are somewhere accessible - not stored off machine on an unattached external drive.

It's also an apparent problem that very few people have had. There are some exceptions where people have reported doing things outside C1 - like renaming - that would likely break such a plan but of course they may not know how they got to that state and so have no way of understanding why the "available fix" will not work.

Not attempting a 'fix' may be better that offering one which people would misunderstand as being a magic wand.

Just a slightly different point of view that perhaps highlights some of the challenges the developers are expected to address for situations that may be pretty bad for the user but are in fact very rare events.

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