All Edits are gone after moving a folder

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All Edits are gone after moving a folder

Postby NN636937589004974791UL » Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:15 pm

Hi all,

I have a very weird behaviour. I have got a RAW folder "A" with all Work to do (Subfolders with Names and Dates of Photosessions), and a RAW folder "B" with all work done. If i am Ready with all the work in a subfolder in A, I Export all variants and Move the Subfolder from A to B in CatureOne.

Then the Subfolder is shown in B with zero images in it :shock:
If I close C1 then ans reopen, the moved subfolder is shown in A with zero images and :!: no folder is shown in B :shock: :shock:

On the System the folder is moved into B

First time i thougt all the work on the images is gone, but then i added the folder a second time in C1 and all the Pictures and all edits are back.

So maybe this works everytime, but this could not be normal for moving a folder, or is it normal in C1?

How can I change this?

I use a catalogue, system is Win7, C1 is V12, it doesnt matter if the images on SSD, HDD or NAS behaviour is the same.
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