Image Count Issue

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Image Count Issue

Postby NN636870334545724152UL » Thu Apr 18, 2019 9:32 pm

Hi everyone

I've only recently bought Capture One so am very new to it.

I've imported a bunch of images (and videos) to my catalog. Next to 'All Images' under 'Catalog Collections' in the 'Library' toolbar, it tells me that I have 7027 images. When I click on this to bring up the previews, it again tells me at the top that I have "7027 images" (not filtered). However, if I click into the preview area and select all previews (Ctrl+A), it says that I have "6997 of 7027 images selected".

Could anyone tell me why Capture One might be telling me that I haven't selected all images?

Many thanks in advance
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