Move all variants doesn't select next image?

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Move all variants doesn't select next image?

Postby Robby-D » Sat Mar 09, 2019 2:41 am

In previous versions of Capture One, when you use the "Move All Variants to the Selects Folder" button (or CTRL-J), it moves all selected images and then selects the next in the list. Same for the "Move Image to the Session Trash" button (or if you press DEL).

In CO, the DEL function still works the same, but hte CTRL-J function doesn't select the next image in the list. If you want to move a series of three consecutive images, e.g., you can't just hit the button three times, you have to manually select the next image. VIA MOUSE. Because CTRL-arrow no longer works, because the focus isn't in the Browser pane.

I'm going to file this as a bug report, but thought I'd check with all the smart people here as well: Is there a way to re-enable this feature? So the next image is selected when I press CTRL-J?

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