Controlling Capture One 12 with Behringer X-Touch mini

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Controlling Capture One 12 with Behringer X-Touch mini

Postby NNN636784893298407090 » Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:43 pm

i was looking for a small, rigid hardware controller for Capture One 12 and was not satisfied with what is available. I saw several projects using the Behringer controller for Lightroom but did not find a working solution for Capture One and I had to build a preset for Bome Midi Translator. Maybe someone has some ideas to make the setup even more usable.

1. Buy a Behringer X-Touch Mini
2. Purchase Bome Midi Translator Pro
3. Load attached preset in BMTP
4. Load keyboards shortcuts into Capture One 12
5. Set the X-Touch as midi in- and output in BMTP
6. In the right window of BMTP check if "Capture MIDI" is checked
7. Print the Template
8. Cut the template with the plotter mask
9. Glue cutout on X-Touch

What you are able to control in Capture One 12:
The are two layers of controls.

1. Layer:
Knobs: Exposure, contrast, brightness, shadows, dark tones, mid tones, light tones, lights
Keys row 1: 0 stars, 1 star, 3 stars, 5 stars, switch to rgb (for tones), switch to red (for tones), switch to green (for tones), switch to blue (for tones)
Keys row 2: Undo, redo, left, right,full screen, reset, paste settings, copy settings

2. Layer: Temperature, tint, saturation, noise, sharpen, structure, clarity, vignette
Keys row 1: Cursor select, cursor move, cursor magnify, cursor crop, cursor align, cursor perspective, cursor repair/clean, cursor mask, zoom in, zoom out, zoom 100%, zoom to fit, proof, white balance, presets, notes

The slider will toggle proof mode.

The zip file contains the preset for Bome, a keyboard shortcut file for Capture One, a printing file and the mask for a plot.

- No feedback from Capture One to set the leds around the knobs.
- Some functions, especially surrounding color control are not accessible by shortcuts (Bome works via keyboard shortcuts)
- The feedback to turn on the lights when selecting a color is dependent on system latency - it is set to 150ms.
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Re: Controlling Capture One 12 with Behringer X-Touch mini

Postby JasonP » Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:03 pm

I use a Arturia Beeatstep, really makes editing a pleasure. Just wish some of the sliders could go in smaller increments.

Got 16+1 Knobs
+16 Buttons

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