Capture One, Aperture and Catalina

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Capture One, Aperture and Catalina

Postby davidsbthomas » Tue Oct 22, 2019 8:39 pm

I used to be an Aperture user (Aperture 3.6).

Capture One can read and import (and indeed has read and imported) my Aperture Library.

An Aperture Library appears to be an Apple "Package".

My Macbook Pro runs Mojave (10.14.6) and is therefore using a modern Apple file system.

Currently Capture One does not support Catalina (10.15) ...

... but when it does, and I upgrade to Catalina, Aperture will become unavailable (Apple says). I will only be able to open my Aperture Library from Capture One.

DOES ANYONE KNOW ... if it is reasonable to expect that Capture One will continue to be able to open an old Apple Package after Catalina has been installed ?

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Re: Capture One, Aperture and Catalina

Postby Nature Isme » Tue Oct 22, 2019 9:15 pm

A Mac "package" is just a special kind of a folder. You may have noticed that if you right-click on a package, you get a contextual menu that includes "Show Package Contents".

Caveat: I'm not running Catalina...

I don't see any reason Catalina wouldn't be able to open packages, as they're still supported entities under Catalina and I haven't seen anything about changes to their characteristics.

More importantly, if you're using a managed Aperture library. I'd strongly encourage you to move to a referenced library (for both Aperture and C1), which would place the originals in a regular folder structure that both Aperture and C1 can use (of course, this suggestion also applies to having a referenced C1 library).

If you've already converted your Aperture library with C1, then move the files from within C1 and both your catalog structure and the file locations will be maintained by C1, and Aperture "should" be able to keep track of the moves because if its tight Finder integration (DON'T move the files from within Aperture, or C1 won't know what you did!!!).

At the very least, stop using Aperture if you haven't already done so. Continued use just adds to what you'll lose if you update beyond Mojave.

I think that the biggest problem with Apple killing Aperture is that all edits done in Aperture are lost, which is a shame. Fortunately C1's such a better editor that I find myself never using what I did in Aperture. I've saved a copy of my old A3 catalog for posterity (I also have several Macs that won't get upgraded beyond Sierra), but I never open it.
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Re: Capture One, Aperture and Catalina

Postby mtm59 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 3:55 am

I too was an Aperture 3.6 user and imported my Aperture library into C1.

I have since updated to OS Catalina and can open my Aperture Catalogue in C1 just as I could with OS Mojave.

I do not use any plug-ins and have found no issues with C1 and OS Catalina so far. I have only uploaded, edited and output one new session since moving to Catalina, but noticed nothing different as far as C1 use.

I did import my Aperture Library into Apple's Photos App, too, just as a precaution. No need in the end.

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Re: Capture One, Aperture and Catalina

Postby davidsbthomas » Wed Oct 23, 2019 6:30 am

Thank you both for helpful thoughts and reassuring facts
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Re: Capture One, Aperture and Catalina

Postby ChrisR » Mon Oct 28, 2019 3:23 pm

Try this video (and attached text) which is helpful in showing a good method to transfer your files avoiding the "package" problem:

I believe it might also appear as a post on a C1Po blog somewhere...

I've not got to the stage where I have converted all my images to referenced (apart from a number that seem to have disappeared...), converted all my grayscale black and white images to RGB, and I'm ready to do the big import!

... and the blighters want me to pay £87 to upgrade the software I bought less than 2 months ago!
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