Workaround for Panasonic G91 RW2 files

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Workaround for Panasonic G91 RW2 files

Postby NNN636709158109285596 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 5:12 am

Just bought the camera to find out, that it is not yet supported in Capture One:-( Is there a workaround available? I had hoped, that the file format does no differ from G9, as it's using the same sensor, but obviously there is a difference.
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Re: Workaround for Panasonic G91 RW2 files

Postby SFA » Sun Oct 13, 2019 11:45 am

There is always likely to ba a difference since the use of what seems to be the same sensor does not necessarily mean the information from the sensor is handled in the same way to produce the RAW file. I might be, but it's not guaranteed.

Phase would want to check whether they could simply make an existing profile available or would need to make some adjustments to it to meet the acceptance criteria they require before they would added it to the Support Camera list - which support me also include other aspects of the body's functions beyond just the sensor data interpretation.

Someone may come up with a temporary hack for the files to make them identify as a supported camera but whether that is really what you want to consider is up to you (if it happens.)


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Re: Workaround for Panasonic G91 RW2 files

Postby Eric Nepean » Wed Oct 16, 2019 5:56 pm

There is a hack that sometimes works.

When support for the GM1 was very late, I used a hex editor to replace the string "GM1" with the string "GX1" in two places inside the RAW file, and it worked.

The key is that the replacement string has to the same number of characters as the original string, and the two cameras have to be very similar (same sensor size) and the RAW file format has to be similar (which is impossible to check).
This works unless it doesn't work. :) It may work on some image files and not others.

You could try replacing "G91" or "G90" with "GX9" or "GX8"

But it's a tedious process, and after Capture One arrives with support for the new camera, then all the hacked files have to be unhacked.

My conclusion was that it was better to use Silkypix to convert the RAWs to TIFFs, and import the TIFFs into Capture One.
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