Cannot click thumbnails in import dialog after resizing it

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Cannot click thumbnails in import dialog after resizing it

Postby msteinbr » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:21 pm

Hi, am facing the following UI glitch:

- Open the "Import images" dialog. I can see thumbnails of a selected source and can select them as normal.
- Because the window is rather small I resize it.
- After the resize causes the thumbnails to rearrange, the click-sensitive areas for the thumbnails seem to be messed up: most of the time, when hovering over a thumbnail the mouse pointer becomes a text edit cursor and I cannot select the image. Each image seems to have a smaller click-sensitive region still which you can find by randomly moving the mouse over the thumbnail and hope for it to become a pointer again.

Since I can still select files via keyboard, this is not a blocker but it is very tedious. Does anybody have a workaround?

Regards, Matthias

MacOS 10.14.5
Capture One
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