Switching from Lightroom/Adobe Cloud - Need iCloud Support

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Switching from Lightroom/Adobe Cloud - Need iCloud Support

Postby NNN636932124777055312 » Sun May 12, 2019 2:09 pm

Hi, everyone. I’m new to this software and considering purchasing it. I’m a hobbyist. I have shot RAW and have used various cameras (DSLRs, GoPro, DJI, iPhone) over the years. I don’t sell my work and I don’t do commercial work—I’m just a prosumer.

I have been using Lightroom (Classic) for a long time. I am looking to ditch Lightroom for many reasons, which I don’t think I need to expound upon too much here. Cost of the software (along with Photoshop and Illustrator) and (Adobe) storage is among them.

Another reason is that it has become cumbersome to manage 3 catalogs. The Photos app feeds into Lightroom Mobile from my iPhone. I like that the pics we take on phones are also automatically sent to iCloud for safety.

I dislike the Lightroom CC / Lightroom Classic CC situation. I like the library of LCC much better than Classic. But, I dislike how the libraries sync between the two. And, it takes up that much more space on my SSD.

Here is the workflow I envision:

1. All photos stored in iCloud/Photos. I already have storage there for my family and it is being wasted when I also have to pay for storage with Adobe.
2. Ideally, the new DAM/Editor being able to leverage the storage I have in iCloud. Ideally, it would just utilize the Photos catalog. Roundtrip between the two would be ideal, but not required. I have considered some applications that have a plug-in for Photos and just using Photos as the DAM.
3. I don’t mind previews being stored locally so long as the space is dynamically released on my SSD as space is needed by macOS.
4. Printing is a big issue for me. I have an EPSON P-600. I need to be able to create “photo packages”, a la Lightroom. Sometimes I print multiple different photos of different sizes on one sheet. Sometimes I print multiple copies of the same photo of the same or different sizes on the same sheet.

I have downloaded the demo and am very impressed. My needs are small compared to what this software can do.

I LOVE the print features.

I think the only question I have at the moment is:
Is there a way for Capture One to leverage the iCloud/Photos storage that I'm already paying for?
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