How do you check all the LCC options before creating a LCC?

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How do you check all the LCC options before creating a LCC?

Postby Rogerxnz » Thu May 09, 2019 11:12 pm

I am using v12.0.3. I want to create a LCC using the three options: Colour cast, Dust removal and Enable uniform light. There are check boxes nest to each of these items in the LCC panel on the left but everything is greyed out and I cannot select any of them. I have first selected the image I want to become the LCC.

I have gone into the action (...) menu and unchecked "Don't show options . . .". I have control-clicked on the image to become the LCC but nowhere in the pop-out menu can I see a way to select all of the three options mentioned above before creating a LCC.

If I create a LCC, the options for Colour cast and Enable uniform light come up afterwards with checks in their boxes but Dust removal is unchecked. I can check Dust removal now. Am I supposed to recreate a LCC to get Dust removal? That sounds weird to me.

Also, when creating a LCC, I presume I do not need to enter any data about the lens in the lens correction panel. Can someone confirm this, please.

I have tried to use the on-line help provided. I think it should have a search function. I find the thumbnail images in the right margin are too small to provide any assistance as to what the text is trying to explain.
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Re: How do you check all the LCC options before creating a L

Postby NN635069030387546413UL » Sun Sep 22, 2019 11:52 pm

You do not need to enter any lens data.

Today I seem to have run into bugs with lcc creation and application that I have not experienced before.
I have been using lcc for a long time now so not a newbie kind of issue.

Dust removal not available when applying lcc even though it is selected in creation stage.

Dust removal not always ticked in creation stage even when selected in pop down dialogue box(from top of screen) and in drop down side menu (to side of lcc panel when clicking on the dots).

Lcc will not apply to selected images (and yes the lcc image is included in the overall image selection) message saying an lcc image must also be selected (which it is).

Im going to shut down now and hope a system reboot sorts this out.
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