Viewer not reflecting color balance tool changes

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Viewer not reflecting color balance tool changes

Postby NNN636764767053158404 » Thu May 09, 2019 8:51 am

Running C1 in trial mode on an MBP High Sierra i7 16G.

I created a subject layer and when i made changes to that layer in the color balance tool, i noticed that they weren't having any effect on the viewer image. i went to the levels tool and the colour changes i made there did have an effect. I assumed that the color balance tool wasn't working and i continued. later i noticed hat the image in the browser was completely different ( a lurid combination of the changes i had made using the color balance tool and those i had made using levels) - the browser was reflecting the changes correctly. i hit the proofing button to see whether it would change the image in the viewer but it did not either. I processed the image and the output matched the browser i then restarted C1 and the image in the viewer now matched the image in the browser. This looks like a major bug - for some reason the viewer did not record the changes that the color balance tool was making (but it did recognise those changes made by other tools - exposure, levels). Has anyone else seen this?

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