Having a numbering/rename problem?

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Having a numbering/rename problem?

Postby darkstylus » Tue Apr 02, 2019 12:45 pm

Hi everyone, just had this issue with CO12, thought id flag it up

Basically I couldn't batch rename photos with a numbered counter and for a while couldn't work out why

turns out when I wasn't numbering the images when they were imported, they got 'infected' with an error, which meant you could not add incremental numbering information post that

Its now a bug being worked on by Phase One, but if you experience it in the meantime, you need to reimport the images and give the IMPORT name an additional counter.

I noticed it had stopped numbering imported images as a +1 increment automatically, and from then it was an issue (on a Mac OSX high Sierra AND Mojave)

hope this helps if anyones stuck on this too, hopefully the patch will be out soon

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