Any suggestions???

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Any suggestions???

Postby NN636843441932288119UL » Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:41 am

I just bought the upgrade (first time I went through the process) from CO11 Pro to CO12 Pro through PhaseOne website (the order was handled by FastSpring).

Invoked CO12 and choose to activate. For Online Activation, I enter the License code and email then click Get Profile. The profile password window opens and I enter my pw. Success - my name is correctly entered in the fields. When I click Activate, I get the error message "Could not activate because of an unknown error". Have retried several times in the past two hours. Same result. I had turned off my Little Snitch firewall, so there is no blockage.

Now I try Manual Activation. I go to the "Offline Activation of Capture One" webpage and enter the Registration Key. I click the "Generate Activation Key" button but then get an error page saying

"Server Error
Sorry but the server has encountered internal error while doing the last operation.
Please try again later.
If you will still see this page, please let us know."

I've tried several times again, over the past hour, same result.

Now - here's the kicker: "please let us know", oh yeah? How? I've looked over the site for an email link to support, there is none that I can find. The only options in support is to go through countless pages of trying other things. There's even a page that lists possible errors that I might get doing online activation, but mine is not listed.

I'm now stuck with no way to proceed and no way to contact PhaseOne.

Also, in my profile page, The "FastSpring order history" lists my new order and the regular "order history" lists my CO11 purchase. So PhaseOne is aware of my new purchase.

Any suggestions???
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Re: Any suggestions???

Postby tenmangu81 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:49 am


This is the link to submit a case to the Phase One support:

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