Can't Access Film Simulations

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Can't Access Film Simulations

Postby Harold Eastman » Sun Jan 27, 2019 7:07 pm

I know this topic has been raised before, but nothing I've read here has led to any solutions for me.

Problem: I have downloaded a trial version of CO 12 Pro Fuji, and not matter what I do, I can't access the film simulations.

I am shooting on an X100T in RAW only, but with the Br film simulation. This gives me a BW viewfinder but results in only RAW files being recorded and imported. NOTE: I have also tried shooing with the STD film simulation set in the camera, but this makes not difference to the problem described below.

Here's what happens when I attempt to apply, say, the ACROS simulation to a file:
• I select a RAW image, which shows up in color in the viewer
• I go to the Color tab
• In Base Characteristics, I select the "Fujifilm X100T Generic" for the ICC Profile
• The Engine is already set to Capture One 12
• When I select the Curve drop-down, I get only five options: Auto, Film Extra Shadow, Film High Contrast, Film Standard, Linear Response.

I expected to see other Fuji simulations in this list, including ACROS, but they're not there.

Am I mis-reading the instructions in some basic way, or missing some crucial step?

Harold Eastman
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Re: Can't Access Film Simulations

Postby SFA » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:17 pm

It is probably worth checking the V12 release notes PDF file, page 8.

There is a table of currently supported Fuji models and which emulations is available for each group.

As I understand things based on a comment in one of the earlier threads that raised this point, the currently available support is as currently requested by Fujifilm.


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