Anyone else encounter this?

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Anyone else encounter this?

Postby NN636839809946376226UL » Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:02 am

A few weeks ago I downloaded the trial of C1 11 and a fell in love with the editing and how easy it is and how you can get better edits quicker than with LR. But with C1 11 I had troubles with thumbnails generating. I opened a ticket with Phase one and got a reply that since I was using Mojave, there are known bugs and its not fully supported. I was like ok. A few hours later C1 12 was released. This version supports Mojave and I am still having the same issue. No matter what set of photos I import, or catalog I create, it only generates thumbnails for about 15% of my photos. The previews generate, I can click on a image with no thumbnail and view it. My photos are stored on an external drive.

I now have found out that when you turn off viewer and in browser view, with external drive attached and browser in list mode, I have many images without thumbnails.

Anyone else encounter this?

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