Luminosity range mask as a preset?

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Luminosity range mask as a preset?

Postby PhilippeG » Fri Dec 14, 2018 7:53 pm

Is it possible to save a luma mask in a preset?
Let's say I want to desaturate highlights: I create a new layer, add a luma mask of around 160-200, with transitions like 90-255, then I set Saturation to -20. Now I'd like to apply that to other images… I can copy settings, but it would copy/paste all the layers, not just the luma one.
So the easiest way would be turning it into a preset. But I see no way to do that.
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Re: Luminosity range mask as a preset?

Postby SFA » Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:35 pm

If you cannot find anything that looks like a way to save a preset that then the probably answer is 'No'.

It seems likely that there could be further development of this new feature and user feedback may well be useful to set the direction of that development.

I would suggest that you create a Support Case and propose that it would be useful to allow user presets for Luma derived mask selection values.

Personally I'm not sure that presets would hold much value for my needs but I could possibly see that for certain repetitive task situations - studio based product shoots for example with very controlled conditions - they could be useful.

For less controlled environments where the preset for selection might only apply to that particular set of images, the option to copy values from one image to the next or to several other images does exist as things stand.


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