Wacom tablet Drawing Masks

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Wacom tablet Drawing Masks

Postby Budmas » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:06 am

I've noticed that since I've upgraded from C1P 11 to 12, that while using my Wacom tablet to draw masks, the mask will inadvertently stop drawing (I am using the Auto Mask feature). I have to lift my pen and resume drawing in order for it to continue to draw. It also does this when I'm trying to erase parts of the masks. It doesn't seem to do anything weird on any other feature and it doesn't act any different with Photoshop and C1P 11. I'm suspecting it to be C1P 12, because it's the only program having this issue. I'm running the latest Mac OS and drivers. I've even tried rolling back the drivers on my Wacom to make sure it wasn't a driver issue and I even remapped the area on my tablet to make sure that it wasn't part of my tablet that I was using. Anyone have any ideas what may be going on or anything I can try to see if it's another issue?
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