Use of Plug-ins with User Collections

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Use of Plug-ins with User Collections

Postby NNN636896051836431566 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:47 pm

We have developed a plug-in for Capture One that processes groups of images - exposure brackets for example, where the user can select multiple images, right click and select "Edit With" and the images are exported, processed by the plug-in and the result loaded back into Capture One. Fine so far. However, with our workflow (and many others I'm sure) it is important to be able to group the images semi-permanently so that they can be manipulated throughout the work flow and the group doesn't have to be re-selected each time.

In Lightroom, there is functionality called "stacking" that allows a set of images to be grouped together for these kinds of purposes. We asked Capture One support about this and they said they didn't have anything like LR's stacking. However, we discovered that Capture One has something called User Collections that can be used for a similar purpose (select a group of images, right-click and select "Create Albums From... Selection" which will create a named group for the set of images). However, when you right-click on the User Collection (say "My Exposure Set") the context menu does not include the "Edit With" item, so there is no apparent way to use the group you created with the plug-in. This is silly, since the value of a plug-in with workflow is to make it easier to work with large groups of images efficiently. Nor is there a way to select multiple User Collections at once, and then right-click and send each set of images to the plug-in in turn.

This is a huge miss for Capture One and will prevent us from adopting it unless there is some way to do what I am saying. Of course this is standard functionality in Lightroom for many years.

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