C1 takes a long time to exit; journal file.

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C1 takes a long time to exit; journal file.

Postby Olik » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:48 am

Lately, C1 has taken to spending many minutes just to exit. After choosing to close the program, the main window stays open for a good while before closing and the CaptureOne.exe closes. Sometimes C1 displays a "Saving..." modal dialog box for a few minutes, at other times this dialog box is not present. In both cases C1 apparently parses through the entire catalog and will not exit until done. Looking in the folder with the "Catalog.cocatalogdb", there is a journal file "Catalog.cocatalogdb-journal" that slowly grows in size until matching that of the catalog file itself. Then the journal file disappears, either by replacing the catalog file, or just deleting itself.

This happens on both my computers. Database checks turns out ok. The catalog is used on both computers, automatically synced between them, but never (obviously) used simultaneously. Latest version. I believe this started a while after updating to the newest version, and not something introduced by it, but I'm not 100% sure.

Any clue why C1 won't exit until it is done chewing through the whole catalog?
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