Can you please advice me, what to do?

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Can you please advice me, what to do?

Postby NN636843441932288119UL » Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:42 am

Hello everyone. I'm Mujana and I'm here for the first time. Hope to learn a lot about Capture One. I'm a Sony shooter (A7RII) and looking for a new raw converter, after many years with Lightroom. For me it's either Capture One 11 or DXO Photolab. I already have Affinity Photo.
At the moment I have downloaded trial versions of Capture One 11 and DXO Photolab (both still 27 days to go, before I make my decision).
In this trial edition I find 2 major "problems" (for me that is). I hope someone can guide me here.

Sometimes I simply cannot convert to B/W in the larger image. I can see the thumbnail at the side turning B/W, but nót the major/big image in the centre of my screen. I then close C1 and start it up again. If I then go directly to B/W conversion, there's mostly no problem. Any ideas how this can be solved?
Beside the brush tool in layers there's that small triangle. Clicking this triangle should fold out a small screen with different possibilities ("draw mask", "Erase mask" , "Gradient Tool", etcetera). Well, if I click on this triangle, nothing happens..nothing at all (!). No choices at all.

Did anyone of you encounter similar "problems"? Or is it just my inexperience and did I set some settings wrong or forget something?
Can you please advice me, what to do?
Thank you very much!
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Re: Can you please advice me, what to do?

Postby SFA » Tue Jan 29, 2019 11:39 am

Firstly the current licence options are for V12 not V11.

Are you sure you are running V11?

If you are then I would suggest downloading V12 and installing it separately to see if that leaves you with the same problem.

(In terms of what you have reported it sounds as if you have some sort of installation glitch.)

If V12 is the same then I would suggest that you create a Support Case and seek direct assistance.


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