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Reloading metadata erases star rating in C1

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2018 8:48 am
by AndyE
Would you agree that if I am reloading an images 'metadata' that task shouldn't clear the 'star rating' for that very same picture in C1 ? (... because star rating has nothing to do with image metadata)

But so it happens (... sometimes). I recently had to change some exif image date within a few images in my referenced C1 catalog. In order to reflect those changes in C1 I had to reload the metadata. By doing so a dialog in C1 asked me to choose if I wanted to 'replace metadata values you set in C1 with reloaded metadata or preserve the C1 values'. I choose 'replace' because according to my interpretation I wanted to update the metadata information within C1 to reflect the newly changed image exif date. This resulted in loosing the previous star rating in C1 for some images .... but not just the images where I changed the exif data and not for all.

At some point, before I realised what was going on, I thought it wise to choose to reload all metadata within my catalog (68k+ images) of which around 30'000 images are star rated and you know what ... around 12'000 images miraculously lost it's rating completely. That didn't feel nice.

I did some testing with a new empty catalog and imported some recent untouched raw images. Rated those pictures and reloaded the metadata (the dialog asking to replace or keep C1 values appeared)... and guess what... all star ratings were gone. I tested with various raw (nef, dng) as well jpg and tif images and reloading their metadata resulted in loosing the rating of most images but not depending on their image type.

I was lucky to have several iterations of C1 catalog backups and could restore my main catalog. If i learned one thing as an IT guy it was to 'backup my data regularly and with multiple iterations'.

Is anyone out there aware of this behaviour as well? I would then open a support ticket.

Thanks for feedback,

(using C1 11.1 with catalog on internal drive on Mac Pro (late 2013, macOS 10.13.4) and referenced images on direct attached thunderbolt raid storage).

Re: Reloading metadata erases star rating in C1

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2018 3:35 pm
by Eric Nepean
On reflection the COP SW has done the only thing it can do, and exactly what you asked.

You asked for the Metadata in COP to be replaced with the image file Metadata, there was no way to specify which Metadata field was to be updated, and then it copied every Metadata field for every image you specified to the COP images.

Perhaps what is needed is a feature improvement to allow the user to select which Metadata fields are to be updated.

Re: Reloading metadata erases star rating in C1

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2018 5:20 pm
by AndyE
Hi Eric,

Yes, exactly, I asked C1 to replace the metadata with the image file metadata. But are you telling me that the C1s 'star rating' (I only tagged my images with stars within C1) is written into the RAW image file metadata? I always assumed that C1 is a non-destructive RAW converter and therefore is never altering the data within a RAW image file and I don't know of any 'star rating' tag field within image metadata (EXIF and IPTC).

I understand that 'star rating' is listed in C1 under the 'basic metadata' section (as the color tag is listed there as well). But then I don't understand why C1 clears only 12'000 star tags and not all of the 30'000 rated images within my catalog.

Re: Reloading metadata erases star rating in C1

PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2018 7:45 pm
by AndyE
Ok, after having a closer look with the ExifTool into the RAW image metadata of image files I realise that there actually is a tag called 'rating' that gets written into the image file in camera. And therefore now it makes completely sense to clear my star ratings when choosing 'replace'. So choosing 'preserve the Capture One values' instead would do the trick and still update my corrected image date but not erase my star rating in C1.

Now I learned something new 8) Great!

I am still a bit curious as why C1 didn't clear all my ratings in the catalog but I have an idea that maybe that came from using Aperture in the old days.

Thanks Eric for leading me into the right direction.