Crop to Path useless with keystone adjustments?

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Crop to Path useless with keystone adjustments?

Postby jhaik » Fri May 11, 2018 6:10 pm

As far as I can tell, the Crop to Path option is useless if there has been a keystone adjustment applied to the image because Capture One is using the Ignore Crop option under the hood when rendering the image. This produces unwanted cropping on the top and bottom for Vertical keystone adjustments as Capture One is constraining the crop to the image by default with Ignore Crop.

Currently, if there is a keystone applied to the image, the Crop to Path option produces a path that extends outside the image. Here's an example of an image processed 3 different ways, Crop to Path, Respect Path, and with a manual extension of the crop box to the document edges with the Crop Outside Image box checked:

It seems to me that it is currently impossible (in some cases) to use the Crop to Path option on an image that has had keystone adjustments applied. That's a bummer :( Anyone have a workaround?
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