Dangerous logic-delete variant in an album is a hard delete

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Dangerous logic-delete variant in an album is a hard delete

Postby NNN635234044924148083 » Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:34 am

lost part of my work because the logic and handling of albums in COP catalogue seems a bit odd:

I understand albums are a virtual set of images from the catalogue. So I can gather images together in an album and in the same way delete from an album, as being a virtual thing only, without deleting them from my catalogue.

This seems obviously not true for variants. If my album contains an image + some variants of it and I try to delete an variant from the album, the variant will be permanently deleted from the catalogue! Only if I stack the variant with my image together before and delete image and variant from my album, it still lives in the catalogue.

Neither is there any warning, that something will go away permanently from the catalogue nor is there a way to have only a specific variant in my album - I alway have the picture and all variants of it in my catalogue.

This is somehow contradictory to my understanding of an album being something virtually and contains only what I put in.

Is there any other wiew on C1's logic which better helps to understand albums and avoids this pitfall?
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Re: Dangerous logic-delete variant in an album is a hard del

Postby easycass » Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:58 am

Hi, I am new to C1, but am doing lots of study, having just imported 70,000 images, looking to migrate from LR. There are many areas where I am somewhat put off, and deletions are most definitely not as clear as could be. In your case, the manual states the following: When you want to delete specific variants of an image, leaving at least one variant of the image in the Album, Capture One will delete those selected from that Album and in every other location where that variant is located. The source image and its variant or variants located elsewhere (e.g., in other Albums, Favorites and Collections) are not deleted.

When you are specifically deleting just one variant from an album that still contains other variants of the same image, the help file wording appears to indicate that it will delete the variant from the album AND 'in every other location where that variant is located'.

Why one would want the latter to occur, I am not sure, I must concur with you that the intent of a user when deleting anything in an album, that the deletion is constrained only to within that album. Why would Phase One think that we would also like to delete that variant in 'every other location' too. Unless we are missing something, it appears they have stated that this indeed will happen, and yet I see no real logic in it. :(
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