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C1, UI, Workspaces, ergonomics...

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:48 am
by Samoreen

I think that the C1 developers in charge of the UI really have problems with ergonomics. Workspace management is a good example.

Although version 11.1 doesn't change (enhance) anything regarding the UI, its installation resets the workspace to a default arrangement. First question : why ?

Well, you can still reload the workspace having the name of the previous version or reload a custom workspace. When doing this, you can notice that each C1 update has created a new workspace having the name of the replaced version. So you have a lot of leftovers that you'd like to remove. OK, just use the Delete Workspace command, you tell me. But you have to delete the unwanted workspaces one by one. Window | Workspace | Delete Workspace... | Select in the Drop down list | Confirm | OK, next one... The right way to do this would be to display the list of all custom workspaces, with a check box for each one, check those that have to be deleted and OK. It's not more coding, it's just thinking differently.

Not a big deal but a clear indication about how the C1 UI designers are thinking.

I have already listed some of the most obvious mistakes in the UI design here : . The C1 UI designers are apparently not able to think as users. The above example shows that they are looking for the design that is the easiest to code. The problem with the Grid overlay type being setup in the Preferences (listed in the thread mentioned above) is also a good sign of something being absolutely wrong in the way C1 developers think about ergonomics.

I do regret that requests about the C1 UI that have been posted years ago and supported by multiple users be still merely ignored. It seems that these developers are convinced that they did everything right and that there's nothing to fix in this area.

Image processing in C1 is good but Phase One need to hire a developer specializing in UI design. If this part of C1 could be handled properly, C1 would become a terrific product.

Re: C1, UI, Workspaces, ergonomics...

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:24 pm
by photoGrant
Agreed, there is a long way to go.