Keyword Beachball Lag

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Keyword Beachball Lag

Postby DAndison » Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:02 pm

Anyone else experiencing large amount of lag when selecting multiple files with keywords while in the Keyword tab?

Just to qualify volume. I keyword literally hundreds of files at a time (in sessions) and it isn't unusual for me to select about 100 files and so I can add an additional keyword to them on bulk. Each file will have in the region of 50 keywords per file and will often be different from each other. In other words not the same 50 keywords over the 100 files.

In C1 Pro 10 I could do this no problem at all but ever since C1 Pro 11, I end up waiting upward of 3-5 minutes before the beachball disappears (if my patients lasts that long). Even after it finishes loading, merely moving the cursor will set it off again for another lengthy multiple minute wait.

I've logged this with support as it occurs on two different computers running an up-to-date Mac OS Sierra. One a dual graphics MacBook Pro 2015 and a Late 2013 Mac Pro with 32gb Ram and 6 core xeon processor. But no response as yet....filed a lot of crash reports where I had to force quit as I needed to use my computer again and I'd been waiting near on 5 minutes.

It's got to the point where I keep C1 Pro 10 so I can then keyword files as 11 is bordering on unusable. Any pointers on this would be great as this has been the worst release for me since C1 Pro 8. Cheers
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