Installing Capture One on a second computer (windows 10)

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Installing Capture One on a second computer (windows 10)

Postby NN635896552987809508UL » Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:36 pm

I installed Capture one 11.2(for sony) on one computer, a long time ago (Windows 10), and want to install it now on another computer (windows 10 too) . I tried to copy the instillation application from the first computer to the second and to execute it from there, but I have got an error message, saying: "error in creating registration key....code 5.." . I also tried to to deactivate capture one on my first computer, but it did not help and I have got the same error message.
Please help know how should I do it right.

Furthermore, if I want to upgrade to the 12 version, on the second computer, do I need to install on it my original 11.2 version first?

Awaiting your advice

Thank you,
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Re: Installing Capture One on a second computer (windows 10)

Postby IanL » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:27 pm

Humm when I got my note book I just copied the install program that I used to install it on my desktop over to my notebook and ran the install again. I guess I must have activated it on the second machine - I forget now.

That was using 11.x and when 12 came out I just ran the installer on both machines and activated using my new v12 key.

That kind of error sounds like a job for support.
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