how to merge a catalog into a new built one

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how to merge a catalog into a new built one

Postby jweitzel » Fri Apr 12, 2019 7:19 pm

I'm running CO 11 on MacOS 10.11.6.

I have all my pictures (Sony DSLR A900) collected in one single catalog, which I use since the time of CO 6.
The pictures are physically collected on a separate hard drive, and CO does only reference to them ("not inside the catalog"). The CO cataloge resides on the main HD, the pictures are stored in structured folders on a separate HD.

Now I want to "clean up" that catalog in the manner, that I want to create a new empty catalog and then import all pictures including any information of their editing, settings etc. for each picture. (The pictures shall/will reside on the same place as they actually are. But they should have all the setup, I gave them during "developing" them.)

How can I manage that?

I hope, I have put my question right.

Many thanks for help!

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