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New Capture One Enterprise forum

Postby Jim_DK » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:45 am

The new Capture One Enterprise forum is now open for discussions regarding this version of the software.

This version (Mac only currently) comes with a number of new tools which are designed to be leveraged by scripters looking to turn their workflows up to 11.

These properties are available in the Enterprise version only:

• Barcode Scanner Tool – automated data parsing from scan to name
Bar code done event can be used to trigger additional script (e.g make folders with scan name)

• Next Capture Backup – backs up captures on the fly from tethered camera.
Fully configurable with paths, enable etc.

• Next Capture Metadata/Keywords – pre-loadable meta data table, applying meta data on capture.
All fields can be auto populated with text from other sources. e.g. Excel.

• New Guides Tool – scriptable and fully configurable guides.
Position, units and color can all be scripted to easily change and deploy setups. e.g 5mm bleed

• Tool Locks - lock down tools to prevent unwanted errors in misconfiguration.
Lock the tools as part of workspace automations

For more information on using Enterprise contact us via the Enterprise portal here
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