Bug in "Clone Variant" command

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Bug in "Clone Variant" command

Postby Eric Nepean » Sun Jun 23, 2019 7:15 pm

FYI All Developers
I have discovered and submitted the following bug in CO to Phase One
Regarding the Applescript command: Clone Variant additive select true
Problem: If the selection is empty, the clone is not added to the selection.

Steps to reproduce:

Open an album or a smart album. select one or more variants
Run this script:
Code: Select all
tell application "Capture One 12"
   set thevariant to (first variant whose selected is true)
   deselect current document variants (variants)
   clone variant thevariant with additive select
end tell

Outcome: A clone is generated. Nothing is selected.
Expected Outcome: A clone is generated, the clone is selected.
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