12.1 Scripting additions

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12.1 Scripting additions

Postby Jim_DK » Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:06 pm

Hey guys,

Heads up on the new 12.1.0 properties:

• De-select camera
• “Select next/previous” properties for browsers and collections
• “Queued” property for variants
• Modern user script running
• Luma range layer properties
• “Current layer” property
• “Current recipe” property
• Importer ability to handle multiple paths
• Curve tool adjustment properties
• Deselect all cameras / Select camera name “None”
• Color Editor (First iteration)
• Lens correction properties

Capture One Studio (these properties require the Studio edition for access):

• Guides
• Bar code scanner (Bar Code done)
• Next Capture Meta Data
• Next Capture Keywords
• Next Capture Back Up
• Tool locks
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