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Fix Copyright Script

Postby hsautter » Tue Apr 23, 2019 3:08 am

I usually try to remember to change the copyright setting in my Nikon camera each year, however I usually forget and have a group of images with the incorrect copyright information. I developed a script to fix this for a group of selected images.

My Camera fills in the creator field in the metadata so this value along with the image date (year) are used to update the copyright field to the correct value. This is a simple script and should be useful as an example for setting other fields for those who feel adventurous and want to build a script.

The loop reads the image files in the reverse order since the index may change as the loop progresses, which can happen if a filter is used for the selection. In any case it is better to be safe not miss files in the process.
The try statement will handle issues where dates or the name may not be available for an image.

Code: Select all
tell application "Capture One 12"
   (* set copyright notice to the capture date year of the primary variant *)
   set variant_list to (get selected variants)
   repeat with i from number of items in variant_list to 1 by -1
      set this_item to (get item i of variant_list)
      set cd to EXIF capture date of parent image of this_item
      set cn to contact creator of this_item
         set status copyright notice of this_item to "© " & year of cd & " " & cn as string
      end try
   end repeat
end tell
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