CO hangs when Applescript retreives many keywords

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CO hangs when Applescript retreives many keywords

Postby Eric Nepean » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:38 am

Folks, I have just submitted the following bug report. I thought that you might be interested in the details.

When retreiving a large number of keywords from many variants, above about 78500 retreived keywords, Capture One doesn't return any value nor any error message. It just hangs for a long time with 0 CPU utilisation. The AppleScript commands involved are:
tell application "Capture One 12" to get keyword of every variant -- this always breaks
tell application "Capture One 12" to get keyword of variants startVariantPtr thru stopVariantPtr -- this breaks depending on the number of keywords

Further info:
Test Subject: my Catalog of 16255 variants where most variants have between 2 and 12 hierarchical keywords
History: First noticed that the "get keyword of every variant" command would time out.
Then used "get keyword of variants startVariantPtr thru stopVariantPtr" to characterise the behaviour.
Below the threshold number of keywords, Capture One takes about 11-15 seconds to respond, which is quite OK. Above the threshold, Capture One doesn't respond even with in a 1500 second timeout. CPU utilisation is high for about 15 seconds, and then goes to zero. Capture One has a beachball. System Memory utlization is unchanged and at a safe level.
The threshold can be triggered by adding just one keyword.
Below the threshold by 1 keyword - 11s-15s execution time. At the threshold - infinite time out.
The threshold, and behaviour is 100% repeatable for the same set of variants and keywords.
Starting from variant 1 of my Catalog the threshold is 78394 keywords retreived, in variant 10566; starting from the highest numbered variant the threshold is 78633 keywords retreived, in variant 9566.
I've replaced all the keywords for a variant where the threshold occurs, that doesn't affect the behaviour.
Removing keywords from a variant shifts the threshold to the next variant. Adding more keywords shifts the threshold back.
Choosing different keywords, different levels of hierachy doesn't affect the threshold.
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