"Add Inside" will not work on variants from recent imports

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"Add Inside" will not work on variants from recent imports

Postby Eric Nepean » Sun May 27, 2018 3:51 am

I've been working on an import script, and have found some bugs:

  • Applescript cannot access the "Recent Imports" group - it is not part of the list of top level collections
      If the user selects One of the "Recent Imports" Albums so that it becomes the current collection, then Applescript can access it
  • The "Add Inside" command is partially broken - when one tries to use it with a list of variants inside the "Recent Imports" folder there is an error
  • The identical command used with a list variants from "All Images" works perfectly
  • If "Add Inside" is used with "every variant" or "selected variants" then the command works (in this case a list of variants is not sent to CO)
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