Scripting for Capture One: Start here

Discussion regarding all scripting related questions
Please DO NOT post to this thread anything that is not directly related to scripting of Capture One.

Scripting for Capture One: Start here

Postby Jim_DK » Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:57 pm

Welcome to the Capture One Scripting section. This subsection aims to create a community focused discussion on all things automation in Capture One.

Few basics when posting here:

  • Currently this section is limited for Mac users discussing the use of Apple script.
  • The dictionary for what can be scripted can be accessed through the Script editor > File > Open dictionary (then choosing Capture One).
  • Some functions are only available in certain verisons of Capture One, so be sure to reference the build your scripts work in.
  • Usual forum rules apply.
  • Phase One bears no responsibility for scripts sourced or used from this forum.
  • Phase One does not offer any official support for scripting.

Looking for help with a problem?

  • Explain what you are trying to do, not just what you did.
  • Specify the point at which an error happens in the code.
  • Copy paste the code - and error message if it exists.
  • Explain what you already tried.
  • List the version of COP you are using.
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