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Auto ISO

Postby Bill9 » Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:06 am

I have never used Auto ISO on the XF. I almost always shoot AV or Manual. But today I had a situation where I wanted to us Auto ISO. It was no problem tapping the ISO on the top screen and then the "Auto" and it worked fine - except it doesn't "stick". I have to reapply AA with each shot.

I have chosen M for manual, and use the front dial to control speed and the rear side dial to change aperture. When AA is set, I can see the ISO in blue (top panel) and it changes as I change speed or aperture just as it should. But then I take a shot and it reverts to manual, showing the ISO (in white) of the previous shot.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, or is this normal?
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Re: Auto ISO

Postby DouglasHarwinCamera » Mon Dec 30, 2019 7:53 pm

Please try the following:

Restore to Default
To return the camera to the default settings, access the camera menu and select Load Setup > Restore To Default...

Note the group of settings registered with the Custom Presets will be not be cleared using this option.

Then set ISO

Auto ISO Setting
An auto ISO option is useful in rapidly changing lighting conditions. On the XF Camera Body, the function is accessed by pressing the ISO icon on the top screen, or from the XF Camera Body menu on the IQ Digital Back. Note there’s no access from the back’s ISO shortcut button or upper right key. The Auto ISO screen displays minimum and maximum ISO limits to set a working range, for example, to limit noise. To set the Function to Auto, select OFF > Auto. To set the limits, scroll through the range using the Rear and Side Dials. No confirmation is required, as the settings are saved automatically. Return to the main screen by the touch the cross (X) mark or half-press the shutter release button.

Source: "XF IQ4 Camera User Guide" Found at:

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