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XF and Timelapse+ View

Postby Patrik51 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:41 pm

I was talking to Elijah Parker at Timelapse+ about wether their "automized" Time Lapse unit "View" could be used together with the XF IQ4 150mp. Of course it was up to the API in the camera, and he hasn't had the opportunity to test a Phase One ever - can someone in the States, preferably somewhere near Minnesota, lend him a descent camera so we in the future can be able to play with this pretty neat hardware/software..? :)
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Re: XF and Timelapse+ View

Postby Denverphotoscapes » Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:58 pm

That would be really nice. Thanks for bringing this up.

I don't know how Timelapse+ talks to the camera, but I talked to Elysia Visuals who makes the Ramperpro and it uses Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) and requires a USB connection. And for the Holly Grail time-lapse he needs the jpg preview to change the exposure etc. And I was told that the XF and IQ3100 does not use PTP.

Things might have changed a lot with the IQ4

I did get other controllers to work that just need to trigger the camera. Here is a little write up on them. https://uptownguydenver.com/copy-of-external-triggers
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