Jammed shutter again

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Jammed shutter again

Postby Paqart » Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:03 pm

A couple years ago, my DF+ got a jammed shutter in the middle of a shoot. Luckily I was close to home and could race back to get a backup Nikon. Later that week, I sent the DF+ back to the factory and had the shutter replaced. Today it happened with my XF. I was pretty surprised, but now that it has happened twice, think it is a legit area for Phase One to examine for upgrading the design. I know they'll replace the shutter for me, but it would be better if the problem could be eradicated at the design stage. On a similar note but with a different brand, my Lee SW150 filter holder has fallen apart twice. On examination, it was obvious this happened because the screws were too short and not made of a hardened metal. Instead of sending it back to Lee, where they might replace the tiny cheap screws with the same kind of tiny cheap screws, a neighbor replaced them with the right kind of screws, so now it is solid. For the price, it is a shame to see this expensive filter holder was so susceptible to failure due to the choice of four cheap screws.

Anyway, I know Phase One listens to feedback and they make an excellent product, so here is mine: please redesign the shutter mechanism to improve its current tendency toward shutter failure. It was a bit embarrassing when it happened today, as I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong, then swapped to my DF+ body and spent another ten minutes trying to remember how to use it. By the way, after swapping the camera, I was reminded how much better the design of the XF is. I look forward to it coming back from the shop ASAP!
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