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Issues with AF and Lock-Up after taking a single frame

PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:18 pm
by AndrewMarcPhoto
Hey guys, Im Andrew,

New here. Just got my new XF IQ350 Kit yesterday.

Been getting it set-up, learning the new features ect...

Today I notice that now, when I shoot a frame, I almost immediately get an error (DB) Flashing Red. I am assuming this means the body has lost communication with the digital back. After reviewing the images, sometimes it actually records the image. Sometimes it does not, and just appears as a black frame. When shooting through live-view, SOMETIMES i can get more than 1 frame, like 2 or 3 before it gives me the error and the back locks up. Kind of frustrating after spending a fair amount of cash on the system, only to have issues day 1.

Also, when in Live-view. The AF does not seem to work at all, is this normal? I am assuming it might be, figured I would ask. The other issue I am having is that sometimes the AF just doesn't work, no matter which shutter button, or focus key is hit, it doesn't make a peep or do anything. Unless the system is turned back off and on.

Another bit im curious about, from the rentals I have had in the past, I don't remember the live-view on the back being black and white, also the image playback is only in black and white. I searched the menus and failed to see any sort of option to change this. Is this just specific to the IQ350 since it is in the lower range of their backs? The others I have used have had color live view.

Anyhow, sorry if any of these questions are easily answered, redundant or in the wrong part of this forum. Im new, thats my excuse. I appreciate any help that can be offered. Now back to scowering the internet for answers....

Re: Issues with AF and Lock-Up after taking a single frame

PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:57 pm
by AndrewMarcPhoto

I reset the whole system (I saved my previous settings on a cf card)

Ran a test after the reset, worked perfectly and hey look at that color in the live-view...

Loaded settings from card, just to see... sure enough back to the same issues. Interesting. So i did the reset again and it seems to be working fine!

How do I see if the body has the Hap-2 Update? I looked under the "About" section but I dont see a line item for AF

Re: Issues with AF and Lock-Up after taking a single frame

PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:43 pm
by Denverphotoscapes
Congratulations on your XF IQ350. Fantastic setup.

For the AF version press the Top Rear Key and then select About. That will give you the specs for the camera.

I would create a support case and send PhaseOne the config file. Might be some incompatibility that they can find.